OKA - band promotional shoot


Shot with a combination of natural light, small flash and a great location in the hills of Byron Bay.  I was trying for a gritty image with grounding to the texture of a building that shows history and life.  The props were all from within the space.

Incorporating flavours of Dub, Electronica, Hip-hop, Jazz & many forms of world music, OKA’s sound can sometimes be hard to describe. A better way to define OKA is by the three interesting characters that make up the outfit, bringing together a variety of influences, backgrounds & talents. Stu Boga Fergie (Didgeristu), the big man behind the electronic beats & keys brings raw didgeridoo & vocals inspired by his aboriginal heritage. Chris Lane (foreground) plays captivating melody on slide guitar, harmonica & woodwinds including bamboo, flute & sax. Making up the trio is Samoan-Australian Charlie Zappa (the FRO) – a rhythm specialist with beats of Polynesian fire & deep pocket. Together they blend many pieces that is the OKA puzzle - A sound & force that touches the heart & feeds the soul.

Equipment:  Canon 5dmkIII 1/160s @ f/5 ISO1250, 16-25mm f/2.8L II USM @ 16mm, odin flash triggers, 2 x 580exII flashs.